The Advanced Genomics Core is excited to be a partner with 10x Genomics in advancing research at the University of Michigan Biomedical Research Core Facilities. Our 10x Genomics community is expanding here at the University of Michigan. 10x advertises their products as “Biology at True Resolution”. You can visit the 10x Genomics homepage to learn more about their exciting solutions . Our core currently offers Single Cell Gene Expression and Genome Sequencing solutions. We will be offering Immune Profiling and Single Cell CNV in the near future. Join us in the excitement around the single cell revolution. And don’t forget about leveraging linked reads technology for High Molecular Weight Genomic Sequencing and closing those gaps! Feel free to reach out to us and learn more. Look for additional announcements about the 10x Genomics solutions including a seminar at the Med Campus and updates from the Chicago user group meeting on April 26th.  Keep watching for 10x Genomics user spotlight profiles.