Thanks to the continued support of the University of Michigan and Medical School, the Flow Cytometry Core is able to take a step to enhance the core capabilities at the BSRB location. Funding has been approved to purchase a Thermofisher Bigfoot cell sorter to replace the Sony Synergy sorter. One such sorter is already in operation at the MSRB2 location. Advanced features of the Bigfoot sorter include:

  • Spectral cytometry-based sorting
  • Automated alignment, QC, and sort setup
  • Enhanced plate sorting (4x simultaneous streams in 96 well plates!!!) for reduced exposure times
  • 7 lasers (350/405/445/488/561/640/785nm)
  • 60 fluorescent detectors
  • 6-tube sample carrier
  • Up to 6-way sorting
  • Easy to operate

If you have any questions, please reach out to me (, and I look forward to offering these new services to you.

Thank you and have a great day,

David Adams
Managing Director, BRCF Flow Cytometry Core

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