The Michigan Advanced Genomics Core stopped performing Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis in mid-March, 2020. Consequently, Sanger data from the AGC will be available until December 1, 2020, at which time it will be permanently deleted from our system. This grace period gives labs five months to request data they may be missing from their own archives.


How to get your​ old Sanger​ data (if you haven’t already):


  1. Have your PI contact the AGC using our consultation form: Yes, it has to be the PI.
  2. In the form, the PI can tell us they’d like their old Sanger data. In the reason field, please provide the “pilogin” that was used to access our old submission system.
  3. Someone from the AGC data team will collect all of the data files we can find for that pilogin. We will share a zip of the files to the PI’s uniqname using U of M’s Google Drive.
  4. We’ll remove the share after about a week.
For security reasons, we cannot send data files to individual “users” in a lab; only the PI. If your PI no longer works for U of M, let us know and we’ll see if we can help you. 
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