Updated 9/1/2020: As part of the Medical School Research Reactivation, the Advanced Genomics Core ramped up operations on Monday, June 8th and sample acceptance resumed on June 15th. We now offer all services at a reduced capacity. To read more about AGC Ramp-up operations, please check out this page

For the latest Advanced Genomics Core updates, including new operating procedures, please visit the BRCF Research Reactivation Guidelines.

The Advanced Genomics Core

provides high-quality, low-cost advanced genomic analysis for research clients on a recharge basis. The Core occupies approximately 10,000 square feet of laboratory space in the North Campus Research Complex, with 22 highly-trained individuals on staff to help you. We operate a wide variety of instruments that perform genotyping, gene expression analysis, nucleic acid quantification, next-generation sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, and single-cell analysis.

Core Announcements

  • Old Sanger Data: Sanger data files generated by the AGC will be available by request until December 1, 2020. Click here for details on how to request old Sanger files.
  • Oxford Nanopore Survey: We are anticipating the arrival of our ONT GridIon in mid-late July and need your help to predict the library kits and flow cells to have shipped to us to meet your research goals. Please fill in this survey to assist us with this decision making process.
  • Remote Drop-off Update: Samples at the AGC remote drop off locations at MSRB II and NCRC dock 90 are picked up daily between 2:00-3:00 p.m.
  • Sanger Sequencing Update: Procurement Services is pleased to announce that Eurofins is now a contract supplier on the University’s M-marketsite ordering platform. Their punch-out catalog will enable you to quickly and conveniently place your Sanger Sequencing orders via M-marketsite. The new catalog is located in the Lab and Research Supplies showcase. Instructions detailing how to place orders can be found on Eurofins Procurement page.
  • Want 110 terabytes of free, secure, online and replicated storage? How about 60 months of computing? Even better: how about hands-free, fast-as-can-be delivery of your data from the AGC? Check out the latest news from Academic IT on the Research Computing Package. Work with your friendly neighborhood HITS folks to get your lab set up, and let us know on your next submission. We’ll push data directly to your Turbo storage area when your sequencing data is complete!
  • New to NGS? Illumina has some great pre-recorded webinars that can help you get started. Here’s a great one about planning your first sequencing project.
General Information



Our Locations:

North Campus Research Complex Building 14 (NCRC), Rm 122
Medical Science Research Building II (MSRB), Rm C562

How to Get Samples to the Core


  • Zeiss Lattice Light Sheet Microscope Installed September 14th

    The BRCF Microscopy Core is installing a Zeiss Lattice Light Sheet Microscope on September 14th, which was funded by the Biosciences Initiative. Lattice light sheet uses a thin sheet of light (0.5-1.0 um waist) to rapidly and gently collect high-resolution fluorescence …

  • Access to old AGC Sanger data

    The Michigan Advanced Genomics Core stopped performing Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis in mid-March, 2020. Consequently, Sanger data from the AGC will be available until December 1, 2020, at which time it will be permanently deleted from our system. This grace …



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