The Advanced Genomics Core

mission is to facilitate research in cutting-edge fields of genetics and genomics by implementing complex technologies. Chief among these is “next-generation” sequencing (NGS), which has revolutionized research in virtually all biological fields in the past decade. By housing NGS and companion genomic technologies in a single facility, we provide centralized expertise in advanced methods that enables all researchers to effectively exploit them for making scientific discoveries.

Getting Started


AGC News and Event Information

Request Services

The Advanced Genomics Core uses MiCores for requesting services, project communication, and invoicing/billing.


Advanced Genomics Core pricing and tool for estimating the cost of projects.

Input Requirements

General information for recommended minimum input, volume, and buffer requirements for standard AGC assays.

Preparing Samples

Information regarding aliquoting and labeling samples for submission to the AGC.

Drop-Off Instructions

Information regarding sample drop-off procedures.

AGC Data

Detailed information for retrieving your data.

Research Support

Information and materials for writing grant proposals, planning experiments, and publishing AGC generated data.

Core Policies

Information regarding sample processing and data retention policies.

Library Prep + NGS Turnaround Time

Apr. 2021

4.3 Weeks

(± 1.7 weeks)

May 2021

4.0 Weeks

(± 1.4 weeks)

June 2021

3.3 Weeks

(± 1.5 weeks)

July 2021

4.4 Weeks

(± 2.3 weeks)

Single Cell/Spatial + NGS Turnaround Time

Apr. 2021

4.7 Weeks

(± 1.3 weeks)

May 2021

4.7 Weeks

(± 0.7 weeks)

June 2021

3.7 Weeks

(± 0.8 weeks)

July 2021

5.1 Weeks

(± 1.5 weeks)

Virtual Office Hours

Our Locations:

North Campus Research Complex Building 14 (NCRC), Rm 122
Medical Science Research Building II (MSRB), Rm C562

How to Get Samples to the Core


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