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A Revolution in Single Cell Genomics featuring BioSkrybGenomics ResolveDNA™ and ResolveOME™ Technologies

Thursday, February 2 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT
Location: Online

Presented by: SCSAP and the BRCF Advanced Genomics Core

John Bon will present the complete suite of BioSkryb products, including ResolveDNA, ResolveDNA 2.0, and ResolveOME.

Learning Objectives:

  • Advantages of PTA in genome uniformity and coverage
  • How complete genome and transcriptome from individual single-cells can enhance your research aims
  • The latest PTA publication information in Science, Nature Genetics & PNAS
  • The fact that there really is very little room for improvement between unamplified bulk DNA sequencing performance and PTA because scWGA will ALWAYS need amplification… i.e., PTA is proven, via publications, to be the pinnacle of scWGA technology.

John Bon, M.Sc.
Senior Field Applications Scientist
BioSkryb Genomics, Inc.

John Bon has a Master of Science (Microbial Genetics) from Illinois State University. For over 25 years, John has provided training and technical support for customers for research and clinical applications and has worked at many biotechnology companies, including Incyte Genomics (Incyte Pharmaceuticals) Affymetrix (Thermo Fisher Scientific) Ion Torrent (Thermo Fisher Scientific), ArcherDX (Invitae then Integrated DNA Technologies-Danaher) and BioSkryb Genomics, Inc.

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