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Advanced Genomics Core Vendor Office Hours are Back!

Bring your experimental design or analysis questions to discuss with our experts. Meet your local support teams for 10x Genomics, nanoString, Illumina, and more. This is a great opportunity to learn about the new and exciting technologies the Advanced Genomics Core is bringing to U-M. Office hours are held at NCRC by appointment. Reserve your spot here.   



AGC Hosted Events

Isoform Detection using Long Reads with scRNASeq

Join 10x Genomics, Oxford Nanopore Technologies and the University of Michigan’s Advanced Genomics Core for an educational seminar discussing how 10x Genomics’ single cell RNAseq technology can be adapted for use with Oxford Nanopore’s long read sequencing technology. 10x Genomics single cell workflows have enabled researchers to uncover molecular insights, explore cellular heterogeneity, dissect cell-type differences, investigate the innate and adaptive immune system, identify rare cell types, detect novel biomarkers, and map the epigenetic landscape cell by cell. By combining single cell workflows with long read technology from Oxford Nanopore Technologies researchers can also identify the expression of multiple full length isoforms and detect SNPs at single cell resolution.

  • When: October 13, 2022, 1pm
  • Where: NCRC South Atrium


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