AGC Data – Data Den Setup

Setting up Data Den to receive files from the AGC.

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In fall 2021, ARC rolled out the UMRCP program for nearly all researchers at Michigan, across all campuses. The U-M Research Computing Package includes free data storage in Turbo, archival storage in Data Den, and Great Lakes HPC cluster usage time. Since this program is free, and available to nearly all U-M users of the AGC, we strongly recommend its usage, and are building UMRCP into our standard data delivery processes. 

Our current best practice is to deliver genomic data directly to our clients’ Data Den allocation. This requires a few one-time configuration steps that your lab must do using Globus after you lab has signed up for the UMRCP. Specifically, you must create an area in your Data Den allocation where the AGC can write your data. 

    1. Log in to with full read/write/administrative access to your Data Den allocation.
    2. Navigate to your Data Den allocation in the Globus File Manager.
    3. Create a directory that will receive data from AGC.
    4. Select the new folder, and then click “Share”.
    5. Click “Add a Guest Collection”
    6. Fill in Share Display Name (we recommend the form umich#pi_uniqname-Lab-AGC, but that form is not required) and a Description. Click “Create Share”.
    7. Click “Add Permissions – Share With”
    8. Select “group” for “Share With” (the default is user, but you need to share with a group instead). Tick “Write” in the “Permissions” section. Then click “Select a Group”.
    9. In the Select a Group screen, type UMICH-AGC-Data. Click on the drop-down to select it.

    10. The “Add Permissions – Share With” screen should look like this. Click “Add Permission” to finish.
    11. Click on “Show link for sharing”.
    12. Click on the “Copy to clipboard” icon to copy your shared endpoint and path.
    13. Create an email to In the subject, tell us that this is your lab’s Data Den shared endpoint. Paste the URL from the screen above. Also let us know the name of this endpoint (in our example above, that would be umich#koues-Lab-AGC).  We’ll update our system so all future genomic data pushes from the AGC will go to that directory.

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