Advanced Genomics Core Policies

By submitting a service request through Micores, you are agreeing to the following policies:

  • Requests for processing samples not specified at the time of the submission may require additional turnaround time and fees above initial estimates.
  • The core does not return unused samples or portions of samples. Only submit aliquots to the core; do not submit your entire sample.
  • All samples provided by the user will be subjected to quality control. In the case that the user elects to proceed with samples not meeting minimum core requirements (i.e. fail quality check), the core is not responsible for the quality of the preps or data originating from those samples.
  • The AGC maintains a copy of all data generated for 180 days (~ 6 months). The user is responsible for downloading all data files provided by the core. While the AGC may be able to replace lost files after 180 days, it is not a general expectation and will result in additional charges.
  • The user agrees to include/acknowledge the use of AGC services in any publications that result from this work.
  • The user is in compliance with all institutional, state and federal rules governing the performance of research involving human or animal samples.
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