Advanced Genomics Core Pricing

Project Estimates

Next generation sequencing projects have lots of options, our website tool is excellent for playing with project parameters and obtaining estimates.


Quality Control Services

Quality Control Services UnitInternal RateExternal Rate
DNA QCper sample$16.00$21.60
Genomic DNA QCper sample$17.00$22.95
Library QCper sample$38.00$51.30
RNA QCper sample$18.00$24.30

NGS Library Prep Services

NGS Library Prep ServicesUnitInternal RateExternal Rate
Custom Capture (client kit)per capture$110.00$148.50
DNA LTPper sample$109.00$147.15
DNA HTPper plate$1,907.00$2,574.45
Library LTP (client kit)per sample$83.00$112.05
Library HTP (client kit)per plate$901.00$1,216.35
mRNA (polyA-enrichment)per sample$145.00$195.75
QuantSeqper sample$113.00$152.55
Small RNAper sample$181.00$244.35
Targeted Amplicon (client kit)per plate$874.00$1,179.90
Total RNA (ribo-depletion)per sample$209.00$282.15
Whole Exome Captureper sample$475.00$641.25
Whole Exome HTPper plate$6,239.00$8,422.65
ONT (barcoded) LTPper sample$266.00$359.10
ONT (barcoded) HTPper plate$2,047.00$2,763.45
ONT (no barcode) LTPper sample$200.00$270.00

Single Cell Services

Single Cell ServicesUnitInternal RateExternal Rate
10x Feature Libraryper sample$167.00$225.45
10x Single Cell ATACper sample$1,734.00$2,340.90
10x Single Cell GEX (3' or 5')per sample$1,924.00$2,597.40
10x Single Cell GEX LTper sample$885.00$1,194.75
10x Single Cell Immune Profilingper sample$2,199.00$2,968.65
10x Single Cell Multiomeper sample$3,419.00$4,615.65
ParseBiosciences Single Cell GEXper assay$11,604.00$15,665.40
Single Cell DNA HTPper plate$3,628.00$4,897.80
Single Cell Prep (w/o sc kit)per sample$447.00$603.45
Single Cell RNA HTPper plate$2,614.00$3,528.90

Next Generation Sequencing Services

Next Generation Sequencing ServicesUnitInternal RateExternal Rate
GridION (MinION) Sequencingper flowcell$1,421.00$1,918.35
GridION (Flongle) Sequencingper flowcell$627.00$846.45
GridION Resequencingper flowcell$525.00$708.75
MiSeq Nano 300 cycleper flowcell$784.00$1,058.40
MiSeq Nano 500 cycleper flowcell$845.00$1,140.75
MiSeq Micro 300 cycleper flowcell$939.00$1,267.65
MiSeq V2 50 cycleper flowcell$1,331.00$1,796.85
MiSeq V2 300 cycleper flowcell$1,570.00$2,119.50
MiSeq V2 500 cycleper flowcell$1,705.00$2,301.75
MiSeq V3 150 cycleper flowcell$1,425.00$1,923.75
MiSeq V3 600 cycleper flowcell$2,075.00$2,801.25
NextSeq MO 150 cycleper flowcell$2,035.00$2,747.25
NextSeq MO 300 cycleper flowcell$2,722.00$3,674.70
NextSeq HO 75 cycleper flowcell$2,451.00$3,308.85
NextSeq HO 150 cycleper flowcell$3,863.00$5,215.05
NextSeq HO 300 cycleper flowcell$5,644.00$7,619.40
NovaSeq SP 100 cycleper flowcell$4,148.00$5,599.80
NovaSeq SP 200 cycleper flowcell$4,872.00$6,577.20
NovaSeq SP 300 cycleper flowcell$5,150.00$6,952.50
NovaSeq SP 500 cycleper flowcell$6,486.00$8,756.10
NovaSeq S1 100 cycleper flowcell$6,762.00$9,128.70
NovaSeq S1 200 cycleper flowcell$7,875.00$10,631.25
NovaSeq S1 300 cycleper flowcell$8,320.00$11,232.00
NovaSeq S2 100 cycleper flowcell$11,170.00$15,079.50
NovaSeq S2 200 cycleper flowcell$13,118.00$17,709.30
NovaSeq S2 300 cycleper flowcell$13,786.00$18,611.10
NovaSeq S4 200 cycleper flowcell$18,431.00$24,881.85
NovaSeq S4 300 cycleper flowcell$20,072.00$27,097.20
Illumina Sequencing (client kit)per flowcell$3,741.00$5,050.35

Spatial Transcriptomics Services

Spatial Transcriptomics ServicesUnitInternal RateExternal Rate
10x Visium Gateway Expressionper slide$3,825.00$5,163.75
10x Visium Gene Expressionper slide$4,983.00$6,727.05
10x Visium GEX (w/o slide)per slide$737.00$994.95
10x Visium Tissue Optimizationper slide$1,150.00$1,552.50
10x Visium TO (w/o slide)per slide$354.00$477.90
GeoMx Additional ROI processingper ROI$32.00$43.20
GeoMx CTA assayper slide$3,383.00$4,567.05
GeoMx processing (w/o reagent)per slide$1,795.00$2,423.25
GeoMx WTA assayper slide$3,950.00$5,332.50
Tissue Block Processingper block$102.00$137.70

Array Services

Array ServicesUnitInternal RateExternal Rate
Illumina Bead Array (w/o chip)per plate$1,388.00$1,873.80

Other Services

Other ServicesUnitInternal RateExternal Rate
10x Data Processingper sample$137.00$184.95
Bead Clean-upper sample$19.00$25.65
qPCR Instrument Usageper plate$41.00$55.35
Quant & Normalizationper sample$6.00$8.10
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