Sample Drop-off Instructions for MSRB

If you work in the MSB complex, you can drop samples off in our MSRB II C555 location.

The MSRB II C555 (equipment corridor) location is accessible 24/7.

  1. IMPORTANT: You must first aliquot your samples and bag them. See this page for detailed instructions. AGC Submission Instruction Bag
  2. Bring the appropriately bagged aliquots to MSRB II, C555.
  3. Put the bagged/boxed samples in the large “Advanced Genomics Core Sample Submission Freezer” in one of the metal baskets. Please note that you no longer need to enter info into a sample drop-off log.
  4. A courier transports samples from MSRB to the AGC on dry ice most weekdays at about 2:00 pm. Note that the exact date and time may change because of weather and other external factors.
  5. When the core receives your bag, you will get an email notification from our system.
    agc sample arrived at core email

If you have questions, contact us.

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