How to get samples to the AGC



Single-Cell Appointments

Spatialomics Appointments

  • If using core provided Visium slides, initiate a Spatial Service Request to select a day/time for picking up slides.
  • Drop-off appointments are made via MiCores.
  • Samples should be placed in a  secondary container, such as a small plastic biohazard bag, for transport NCRC. 

NGS, Genotyping, QC, and qPCR samples

Sample drop-off is contactless. After labeling and placing your samples in a zip-top bag, drop-off instructions depend on the submission location:

Do NOT place dry ice in the drop-off freezers. Samples submitted to the remote freezer locations (MSRBII C555 and NCRC Dock) are couriered to the AGC on dry ice M-F afternoons.

If the drop-off locations at MSRB II or NCRC014-122 are closed because of a weather incident, you can still drop off samples at NCRC Building 90 Dock daily between 7am and 4:30pm, as long as NCRC is open.

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