DNA/RNA QC : Nanodrop Spec

The NanoDrop UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is capable of measuring the concentration of nucleic acids using a full spectrum of absorption data.

PlatformNanoDrop Spectrophotometer
CategoryDNA and RNA QC
Primary ContactChristopher Krebs, Manager, UM Advanced Genomics Core
734-763-8891 ckrebs@umich.edu
Typical OutputYou will get back an Excel spreadsheet report that contains the sample concentration and photometric values across several wavelengths, including O.D. 260/280 and O.D. 260/230 ratios to assess purity.
Sample RequirementsWe request a minimum of 5ul of each sample for analysis by NanoDrop. The samples for “QC only” should be in a separate tube from the portion of sample intended for other services within the core. This assists us in minimizing freeze thaw cycles.
Typical Turnaround24 to 48 hrs
Critical InformationSensitivity:
5 - 3700 ng/ ul dsDNA
5 - 3000 ng/ ul RNA
5 - 2400 ng/ ul ssDNA
More InformationO.D.260/280: a ratio of ~1.8 is accepted as “pure” DNA and a ratio of ~2.0 is accepted as “pure” RNA. Phenol or protein contamination will appreciably lower this ratio.
O.D.260/230: a ratio above the O.D.260/280 ratio is accepted as “pure” nucleic acid. Typical values vary from 1.8 to 2.2. Appreciably lower values may indicate the presence of co-purified contaminants.
Link to additional information about NanoDrop: http://www.nanodrop.com/Productnd2000overview.aspx