Advanced Genomics Core Technologies

Spatial Transcriptomics

Information regarding tissue prep and sample submission for Visium, GeoMx DSP, Curio Seeker, and Xenium processing.

Single-Cell Processing

General information, including sample requirements, for our single-cell solutions.

Next Generation Sequencing

Detailed information for our stable of instruments (Illumina, Oxford Nanopore) and library preparation options. Come try our new GridION!

Quality Control

All RNA and DNA entering the AGC undergoes quality control. Information regarding assays employed, interpreting results, and QC only requirements.

Illumina Bead Array

Information for genotyping and methylation profiling.

Real-time PCR

qPCR instrument rental and PCR array information

Legacy Technologies

Information regarding sunsetted platforms, including Sanger Sequencing, Affymetrix Expression Arrays, PacBio Sequencing, and more.

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