Real-time PCR

qPCR Instrument Rental

The Advanced Genomics Core allows reservations on our QuantStudio Real-Time PCR system. To run real-time PCR plates at the AGC, initiate a new Quantitative Real-time PCR request in MiCores. The ready-to-run plates need to be dropped off at NCRC or placed in the MSRB II real-time plate drop-off refrigerator by 2pm.

Required Consumables

  • MicroAmp Optical 384-well Reaction Plate (cat# 4343370)
  • MicroAmp Optical Adhesive Film (cat# 4311971)

The plates must be compatible with the instrument and be in ready-to-run condition when you drop them off.

Default Run Settings


Your results will be uploaded to your MiCores request within 24-72 hours from plate submission. The data (Ct-values) will be in the form of an excel spreadsheet (.xlsx file) as well as in instrument specific format (.eds) that will require the instrument’s software to open. Please note that the Ct values will be in the ‘Results’ sheet at the bottom of the excel file.  



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