Mission Bio Single-Cell Processing

The Mission Bio Tapestri instrument uses a two-step microfluidic workflow to access DNA and proteins in single cells. DNA and oligo-conjugates are first isolated from the cells. Next, multiplex PCR is used to amplify targets.

Image provided by Mission Bio


Sample Requirements

Workflow DNA Only DNA + Protein
Cell Viability >80% >90%
Cell concentration 3000-4000 cells/μl 6000-10000 cells/μl
Total volume 50 μl 100 μl


Book an appointment! Detailed sample submission instructions can be downloaded here. Single-cell data are analyzed with the Tapestri Pipeline.

Tapestri Ready-to-ship panels:

**Build-to-order and custom options also available. Information can be found on here.**

DNA panels can be combined with BioLegend TotalSeq-D antibodies to obtain genotype and phenotype data from the same cells across thousands of cells.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have my cells checked without running my full experiment?

Yes, we offer viability only appointment slots for you to check your cell dissociation method before using experimental cells. Select “viability/count only” as your assay type when filling out the MiCores Single Cell Appointment request form. We ask that you bring a maximum of four samples for the appointment.

Can I FACS sort my cells before I bring them?

Absolutely. Some things to keep in mind when sorting your cells prior to bringing them:

  • FACS will overestimate the number of cells on average by 50%. One way to mitigate this problem is to stain your cells with Ruby. This will separate the cells from debris and make the count much more accurate.
  • Your cells may not like to stay in FACS buffer. You can sort into a full media that is compatible with your cells, and resuspend them in a compatible media afterward.
  • Your cells will likely be very dilute when they come out of the sorter. You will likely want to concentrate them before coming to the Core.
Can I combine single cell DNA panels with CITE-seq?

Yes! The Tapestri platform is compatible with BioLegend TotalSeq-D antibodies.

Can I fix my cells?

Alcohol-based fixatives, such as acetic acid, EtOH, and MeOH, are compatible with the technology.

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