Biomedical Research Store Special Order Requests

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please expect delays recieving your special order.  We will do our best to keep you informed of when your order should be available for pick up.

To place an order on an item not currently in stock at the store, please use the revised order form (PDF file).  All of the products on our complete product list are available for order. Please submit the form via email. When you click the link of the PDF form, many browsers will open the form for you in a new window or tab. In order to fill out the form properly, you will need to download the file and open in Adobe Acrobat Pro (or your PDF editor of choice) and save it.  From there, you can print it off and attach it to an email to

All purchases and their accompanying Order Forms require a shortcode, the only method of payment accepted by the Biomedical Research Store. (A shortcode is a six-digit number that summarizes the chartfield information for your account as designated by the University.) Please have your shortcode with you when you wish to make a purchase. If you are unsure of which shortcode to use, please contact your appropriate department personnel. Store personnel are not authorized to look up shortcodes. You will receive a receipt at the time of your purchase, and your shortcode will be billed semi-monthly by Service Unit Billing and appear on your Statement of Activity. If you have questions regarding current or past charges to your account, please call 763-4715.

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