• A Brief Introduction to the UM DNA Sequencing Core
  • General FAQs: Please click here for general discussion of the Core’s services, how to sign up, how to solve general problems (“Why can’t I submit samples?”). Also here are general tutorials on DNA and molecular genetics terminologies, etc. Finally, here is where you’ll find our up-to-date Price Lists.
  • Sanger Sequencing FAQs: If you need information on old-style sequencing of plasmids or PCR products, look in this section for more information (types of samples, sequencing options, how you’ll get the results back, how to interpret the results etc.).
  • Next Generation Sequencing FAQs: Here is where you’ll find specific information about our NextGen sequencers, what they can do, how to use them, etc. Because of this field changes constantly, we will attempt to keep information in this section up to date.
  • Price List