The Results email I received cuts off partway through the message! What should I do?


If you receive an email with sequencing results, but it only goes through some of your samples before cutting off precipitously, you’ve probably encountered a bug in the Groupwise email client used in the UM Hospital. Here’s the deal:

Do You Receive Email From the Medical Center Groupwise System?

Groupwise users frequently complain that they see the results from the first several samples out of a set, but the message seems to end abruptly, sometimes in the middle of a reported sequence or even in the midst of explanatory comments.

All of your sequences are in fact present in the email. However, an apparent bug in the Groupwise email client prevents you from seeing the entire message.

The temporary fix is to save the email as a file, and then open that file using a typical text editor or word processing program. You will then see all of the sequences and can copy/paste them into other programs as desired.

Tthe long-term fix is to complain to the Groupwise administrators so they will attempt to fix the bug. In the past, I have been unable to communicate with the UMH Groupwise admins, so I cannot communicate this problem to them.

Do You Read Your Email Via a University IMAP box??

You may be experiencing a new problem. Please contact the SeqCore Director to report this problem.

PLEASE NOTE: If you found this page by searching for ‘Groupwise’ – I am NOT a Groupwise Administrator, nor do I know who they are. I cannot help you solve Groupwise problems.