General FAQs


Browse the below questions for a general discussion of the Core’s services, how to sign up, how to solve general problems (“Why can’t I submit samples?”). Also here are general tutorials on DNA and molecular genetics terminologies, etc.

  1. How do I sign up as a UM researcher?
  2. How do I sign up as an external (non-UM) researcher?
  3. I can’t log in using my uniqname. What should I do?
  4. Who can submit samples to this Core?
  5. Thinking about buying your own sequencer? Read this first!
  6. What is the Core’s privacy policy?
  7. What are the PI’s responsibilities?
  8. How does the PI manage his/her lab’s use of the Sequencing Core?
  9. How do I change the lab password?
  10. I’ve forgotten the lab password! What do I do?
  11. How do I change our account numbers?
  12. How do I add or remove lab members?
  13. We haven’t used the Sequencing Core in a long time. What do we do?
  14. What’s this ‘IBC’ checkbox (or ‘BRRC’ checkbox) we have to click?
  15. Can I get discounted sequencing based on Center memberships?
  16. What if I have multiple Center memberships?
  17. Can I get bulk discounts for large-scale projects?
  18. Why won’t the computer let me submit any samples?
  19. My Login has been disabled due to an email problem! Why, and what should I do?
  20. What’s this ‘IBC’ (or ‘BRRC’) thing your computer says we haven’t done?
  21. Where and when can I drop off my samples for the Core?
  22. EXTERNAL CLIENTS: Where and how to mail samples?
  23. How do I contact the Core personnel?
  24. How can I make sure we’re paying the right amount?
  25. What tools does the PI have for managing expenditures?
  26. What are the capabilities and responsibilities of the Departmental Financial Representatives?