Sequenom EpiTYPEr – Methylation detection


The Sequenom® platform utilizes MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in a cost-effective method that provides a highly scalable means of investigating a few or several hundred methylation regions over multiple samples.

PlatformMassARRAY® (Sequenom, dba Agena Bioscience)
CategoryMethylation Analysis
Primary ContactEllen Pedersen
Research Specialist: Sequenom and PyroMark Services
University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core - NCRC Building 14 Room 134
Typical CostClick here to view internal pricing list!
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Typical OutputEpiReport Excel files containing tabulated methylation percentages and run metrics, and EpiGram jpeg files containing graphical representations of methylation levels.
How to RequestContact Dr. Lyons for initial consultation; if he deems project appropriate for Sequenom, contact Ellen Pedersen.
Sample RequirementsClients submit bisulfite converted and amplified products; these should be gel quantitated, according to the guidelines provided in the conversion and amplification kits recommended by Sequenom/Agena.
Typical TurnaroundDepends on number of samples and number of amplicons to be assayed.
Critical InformationThe fixed costs described above do not include labor, which is charged at the current approved rate and estimated as follows:

  • Sample processing—2 to 3 hours, depending on # of samples/amplicons

  • Reaction spotting—2 to 4 hours, depending on total number of chips