Paired end 150bp Sequencing


Paired-end sequencing on the HiSeq4000 that produces 150 bp paired reads.

PlatformIllumina HiSeq 4000
CategoryPaired-end 150bp Sequencing
Typical CostClick here to view internal pricing list!
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Typical Output80 Gb per lane

*These are just estimates of the output, these are not guarantees.
How to RequestSample Submission: login through then choose ‘Illumina Sequencing’
Sample Requirements30 ul of 10nM Illumina library with an insert size of at least 350 bp.
Run TimeThe run itself takes 3.5days. We would have to fill all 8 lanes of a flow cell before we could run this.
Critical InformationIt is important that we know if you are working with an unbalanced genome or have modified your library prep in any way. 
Please include this information in the notes section when creating a submission.

Due to size limitations on the HiSeq 4000, libraries with a average bp great than 580bp are not recommended to run on the HiSeq 4000.