Stranded mRNA Seq

Preparation of RNA samples for NGS Described here is a library preparation service only. Once the library is prepared, you will also need to request (and pay for) the sequencing of that library.

Total RNA is input into the workflow where mRNA is isolated using oligo d(T), cDNA is made with reverse transcriptase. Second strand synthesis incorporates uracils in place of thymines. The cDNA is end repaired A tailed and Illumina adapters are ligated. The resultant library is then PCR amplified to have enough material for the sequencer. The enzyme in the PCR reaction does not recognize the uracils and therefore does not amplify the 2nd strand.

PlatformIllumina HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 4000, NextSeq, and MiSeq.
CategoryGene Expression Profiling
Typical CostClick here to view internal pricing list!
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Typical Output~30 ul of 10nM prepared library with a 120 bp insert, you will also get TapeStation reports of the quality of your input RNA and the resultant library.
How to RequestSample Submission: login through then choose ‘Illumina Sequencing’

Please deliver RNA to NCRC. Courier service from other sites will not guarantee proper temp is maintained!
Sample Requirements100ng -4ug of good quality, RINs of 8 or higher, DNase treated total RNA in 25-50ul
Critical InformationRNA must be delivered on dry ice to NCRC and cannot be left at our pick up sites on campus.
Additional InformationPlease discuss your RNA Seq project with your bioinformaticist or contact the University of Michigan's Bioinformatics Core ( before you begin your project.

For kit information please see Illumina's site:

Due to limited space in the cores freezer's we can only keep samples for 3 months. If you would like your samples returned to you after sequencing please contact the core.