Genomic DNA library


Preparation of DNA for sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq. Described here is a library preparation service only. Once the library is prepared, you will also need to request (and pay for) the sequencing of that library.

DNA is fragmented using the Covaris, end repaired, A tailed and the library is amplified by PCR with the Illumina Indexing Primer set, about 30ul of 10nM.

PlatformIllumina HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 4000, NovaSeq, NextSeq, and MiSeq.
CategoryGenome Sequencing
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Typical OutputThe Wafergen reagents on the Apollo robot will yield an Illumina ready to sequence library with an insert size between 200-550bp.
How to RequestPlease contact to request an appointment. Then fill out a Sample submission form.

Sample Submission: login through then choose ‘Illumina Sequencing’
Sample RequirementsGood quality DNA 0.1 to 3ug in 25-50 ul
Critical InformationDNA is sheared by sonication on the Covaris. Sheared DNA is end-repaired adapter ligated and PCR amplified.
Additional Information
  1. Due to limited space in the cores freezer's we can only keep samples for 3 months. If you would like your samples returned to you after sequencing please contact the core.

  2. Due to size limitations on the HiSeq 4000, libraries with an average bp great than 580bp are not recommended to run on the HiSeq 4000.