WGS – Small Genomes


The UM DNA Sequencing Core can sequence entire genomes from bacterial, yeast, fungi or similar small genomes. Because of the relatively small size of these genomes, even a modest genome-scale sequencer can achieve reasonable coverage. Long read lengths are highly beneficial for assembling the data, however. Consequently, the PacBio sequencer is an excellent choice for a project in this category. You may be able to achieve complete assembly of the genome into one contig, even yielding any plasmids as separate contigs. If, however, you have numerous smaller genomes to sequence (e.g. 20 or more bacterial, yeast, etc) it may be worthwhile to consider multiplexing them all into one lane of the Illumina sequencer. The cost per genome will probably be much lower, as long as the Illumina data will suffice for your needs. Ask an experienced Bioinformaticist!

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