Epigenomics Products and Services

Services Overview

The Epigenomics Core provides sample quality control, library preparation, and sequencing for the study of cytosine and histone modifications. We offer a wide variety of services in epigenomics and bioinformatics resources, including:

Included in the service request to the Epigenomics Core is the following output:

  1. Raw sequence data (FASTQ files)
  2. FASTCQ output (HTML and TXT files)

For ERRBS/mERRBS and WGBS projects the following files are also provided:

  1. CpG context methylation calls (TXT files)
  2. CpG context methylation calls for visualization (BEDGRAPH files)
  3. Summary statistics (Excel file)

For a more in-depth analysis, or if you require custom output, please state your interest at the consultation.

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