Epigenomics Chromatin Accessibility


ATAC-Seq is a technique used to identify accessible regions in the chromatin structure. This assay uses the transposase capability to “cut and paste” (tagmentation) adapter sequences in open chromatin regions.

The Epigenomics Core can process cells in suspension (FACS sorted or from culture: this requires coordination with the core lab), cryopreserved cells (i.e., stored in a cryoprotectant). We can also process flash-frozen tissues. We normally use 50,000 nuclei per library preparation. Some samples may require prior test/optimization. Please contact Managing Director Claudia Lalancette, Ph.D., before submitting your project.

The Epigenomics Core will perform QC on the data generated before transfer to the investigator.

Nuclei Suspension for scATAC-Seq

We can also prepare nuclei suspension for scATAC-Seq. Please contact Managing Director Claudia Lalancette, Ph.D., for more information. (Please note: this will require coordination with the Epigenomics Core lab and the Advanced Genomics Core).

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