Epigenomics Histone Modifications


ChIP-Seq (chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing) can be used to map genome-wide distribution patterns of specific histone modifications. The Epigenomics Core offers the following ChIP-Seq services:

  • Library preparation of user-provided immunoprecipitated DNA
  • Full ChIP-Seq service: Immunoprecipitation and library preparation of a selection of human and mouse histone modifications using Diagenode’s ChIPmentation kit

For user-provided immunoprecipitated DNA:

  • At sample submission, the customer must provide the following to the Core:
    • At least 5-10 ng of input and immunoprecipitated DNA for each sample.
    • If available: Percent input enrichment qPCR results for both positive and negative controls regions, and IgG control (as Excel spreadsheet or table).
    • If available: Primers for positive/negative control genes to test fold enrichment post library preparation (diluted to 5uM), with the annealing temperature used by the customer.
  • The Epigenomics Core will perform sample QC (Qubit quantitation and TapeStation High Sensitivity D1000) on each sample submitted. We will communicate with the investigator if any sample doesn’t pass the QC (no quantitation measurement, DNA fragments too large for sequencing on Illumina instruments). Any sample processed for library preparation will be charged for the service.
  • The Epigenomics Core also performs QC on the library generated. If a library yield is too low, we will suggest it is not sequenced. Any library processed for sequencing will be charged.

For the full ChIP-Seq service:

  • Please contact the Managing Director for this service, as it requires a consultation to determine the best way to process the samples.
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