Flow Cytometry Instruction & Forms

Investigators must prepare samples in their individual laboratories. These samples are then delivered to the lab at or before the scheduled appointment time with a completed sample form. As needed, facility personnel can advise investigators regarding optimal sample preparation for various applications, and can also provide copies of procedures and/or relevant journal articles to assist in development of techniques. Investigators unfamiliar with new techniques should consult with the Facility Manager regarding staining protocols and necessary control samples.

First-time investigators must consult with the core manager concerning facility operating policies, and to discuss projects pursuant to optimizing experimental design, sample preparation, appropriate controls, and containment of potential pathogens. The facility cannot accept potentially pathogenic samples for cell sorting. If you have questions regarding viable human/primate samples or lentivirus-treated samples, please consult with the core manager. Samples labeled with radioactive materials are not accepted under any circumstances.

The following protocols are provided as example preparations for your convenience. If you have any questions please contact the Facility Manager.


General Surface Antibody Staining Procedure

Cell Proliferation by Flow Cytometry (BrdU and PI) (Sample Data) 

Cell Proliferation by Flow Cytometry (Acridine Orange)

Propidium Iodine DNA Labeling following Ethanol Fixation

Propidium Iodine DNA Labeling for Sub-G1 Analysis: Hypotonis Lysis

Hoechst 33342 DNA Staining (Viable Cell Cycle Analysis)

Calcium Flux via Indo-1

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