About the Metabolomics Core

The Metabolomics Core, part of the BRCF in the Medical School Office of Research, measures concentrations of small molecules in biological samples on a recharge basis. We strive to provide GLP-quality analytical services at competitive prices, and regularly customize assays to fit our clients’ needs. Services include initial consultation, method development, data collection, interpretation, and presentation. Core competencies include both targeted assays for many analyte classes as well as untargeted assays to evaluate the entire metabolome in biofluids and tissues, measurement of flux through various pathways using 13C-isotopomer analyses, and structural identification of isolated unknowns and potential biomarkers.

The Metabolomics Core, funded by the NIH Common Fund’s Metabolomics program, is a fully integrated center that supports metabolomics research and training nationwide. The core:

  • Has staff expertise and the sophisticated infrastructure to determine the relative amounts of known and unknown metabolites in cells, tissues and biological fluids.
  • Conducts and sponsors research aimed at improving metabolite detection, the quality and efficiency of analysis, and the tools to turn spectral data into knowledge.
  • Trains scientists in metabolomics analysis, statistical analysis, bioinformatics evaluation of data, and approaches for incorporating metabolomics into research.

Our state-of-the-art technology includes:

  • Multiple high-resolution, high mass accuracy qTOF
  • High sensitivity triple-quad instruments for LC/MS
  • Mass unit resolution instruments for GC/MS
  • QQQ boasts a triple quadrupole performance known industry-wide for meeting quantitative requirements with sensitivity, renowned reliability, and overall system robustness
  • A laboratory information management system (MetLIMS) that captures study metadata, study samples, sample processing history and final results
  • A bioinformatics and mathematical modeling infrastructure that visualizes and models complex omics level interactions with the phenotype

The Metabolomics Core uses MiCores, an online system from iLab Solutions designed to stream the process of ordering and billing for core service requests.

All Core users are invited to use the system, which University of Michigan users can access using your Uniqname and level-1 (Kerberos) password. Set up an account at https://umich.corefacilities.org. External users who have not used iLabs before will need to obtain a sponsored account through U-M. Please send a request to HITS for assistance in obtaining a sponsored account.

Once you complete the one-time registration process and are approved by your PI or Lab Manager, the system will enable you to place service requests, provide required approvals, and monitor progress.

If you have any questions, please contact HITS or visit the MiCores Learning Site.

For more information, download the Metabolomics Core flyer.

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