Metabolomics Core Rates

Quotes for all projects are based on a standard list of prices and assay descriptions found below. Analytes important to your project can be added to any standard assay, and new assays can be developed to suit your requirements. Please contact Managing Director Maureen Kachman to discuss the details.

*A surcharge will be applied to all external non-U-M customers.

Targeted Assays

ServiceCharge per Sample (*Internal Rate)Assay Description (PDF file)
2-HG - D/L isomer analysis$128.00 / per sample--
13C mass isotopologue (flux) analysis - TCA$142.00 / per sample13C Mass Isotopomer analysis - TCA - Assay Description
13C mass isotopologue (flux) analysis - Acyl Carnitine$142.00 / per sample--
13C mass isotopologue (flux) analysis - Other$142.00 / per sample--
Acylcarnitine analysis (plasma)$138.00 / per sampleAcyl Carnitines - Assay Description
Amino acid analysis (free amino acids, plasma/urine)$111.00 / per sampleAmino Acids - Assay Description
Amino acid analysis (with protein hydrolysis, tissue/cells) $144.00 / per sample
Bile acid analysis (colon contents/plasma)$138.00 / per sampleBile Acids- Assay Description
Eicosanoids$138.00 / per sampleEicosanoids - Assay Description
Free Fatty acids (FAMES) by GC-MS.$105.00 / per sample--
Glycolysis / TCA / Nucleotide analysis$129.00 / per sampleGlycolysis TCA Nucleotides - Assay Description
Short chain fatty acid analysis$111.00 / per sampleShort Chain Fatty Acids- Assay Description
Steroids: Hormone Panels - Delta4 $158.00 / per sampleSteroids D4 panel - Assay Description
Tryptophan Metabolites$124.00 / per sampleTryptophan Metabolites- Assay Description
Single Metabolite$84.00 / per sample--
Two Metabolites$93.00 / per sample--
Three Metabolites$110.00 / per sample--

Untargeted Metabolomics

ServiceCharge per Sample (*Internal Rate)Assay Description (PDF file)
Central Carbon Metabolism Profiling$148.00 / per sample--
Untargeted Metabolomics (biofluids)$304.00 / per sample
Untargeted Metabolomics (tissue)$304.00 / per sample --


ServiceCharge per Sample (*Internal Rate) Assay Description (PDF file)
Shotgun Lipidomic (Biofluids)$318.00 / per sample --
Shotgun Lipidomic (Tissue)$329.00 / per sample --


ServiceCharge (*Internal Rate)
Assay set-up charge$211.00 / per assay
Seahorse XF24 or SF96 Operation$222.00 / per hour
Develop new assay (method development)$140.00 / per hour
Data analysis$208.00 / per hour