Microscopy Locations

Biomedical Science Research Building

Room A830, 109 Zina Pitcher Drive

Entering from Ann Street:  Go down the ramp to the A-level.  Turn right through the first set of doors. At the next intersection, turn left through the doors and continue straight down the long hallway to the Microscopy Core entrance. 

North Campus Research Complex

Room 53S, 2800 Plymouth Rd.

From the NC95 Parking Lot: Enter through the South entrance.  Go straight down the hall and through the doors.  Turn left after the doors and again go straight down the hall.  The facility is on the left side.

From the main entrance:  Ask for instructions at the front desk.


Medical Sciences II

Room 5631, 1137 Catherine St.

From Catherine St:  You are entering on the 4th floor.  Go down the hall to a stair well or elevator and go to the 5th floor.  The facility is in the North West corner of the 5th floor.

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