Microscopy Cost Estimates and Fees

Rates and fees for routine services are listed below. For complex projects that require extensive labor, please consider including core staff as key personnel on grant submissions. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Instrument Rates

Rate are subject to change following review by the office of financial analysis.

DeviceInternal PeakInternal Off-PeakOvernightExternal
JEOL JEM-1400+ LaB6 Transmission Electon Microscope$40/hr$30/hrNA$54/hr
Leica Stellaris 5 Confocal Microscope$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr
Leica SP8 Confocal with 2-Photon or FLIM$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr
Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome*$25/hr$25/hrNA$34/hr
Leica Upright SP5 Confocal Microscope with 2-Photon$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr
Nikon A1 Confocal$28/hr$21/hrNA$38/hr
Nikon Ti2 Widefield$20/hr$15/hr$5/hr$27/hr
Nikon N-SIM Super Resolution$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr
Nikon X1 Yokogawa Spinning Disk Confocal$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr
Retiring Widefields: Nikon E-800 & Zeiss Apotome$20/hr$15/hrNA$27/hr
Zeiss EVO 15 LaB6 Scanning Electron Microscope$40/hr$30/hrNA$54/hr
Zeiss 980 LSCM with AiryScan - Installed April 2023$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr
Zeiss Gaussian Lightsheet 7$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr
Zeiss Lattice Lightsheet 7$40/hr$30/hr$10/hr$54/hr

Peak times are M-F, 8 AM – 6 PM.  All other times are Off-Peak.  For overnight timelapse experiments over 12 hours only, the time between 12AM and 8AM will be charged at the overnight rate.  Please inquire regarding cost and scheduling for timelapse experiments lasting more than 24 hours.

*Skilled users can use an ultramicrotome if they bring their own diamond knife.  Training in ultramicrotomy is not typically provided, but could be offered to interested users and would be charged at the labor rate.

Service Fees
Training Per Hour Charge*$75$115
Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation (up to 4 samples)$400$600
Advanced Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation (up to 4 samples)$950$1,425
Ultramicrotome Sectioning: Mesh Grids (per sample)$150$225
Ultramicrotome Sectioning: Slotted Grids (per sample)$200$300
Ultramicrotome Re-sectioning (per block)$75NA
Critical Point Dryer Per Use Charge$100$150
Glow Discharger Per Use Charge$50$75
Additional EM Labor Per Hour Charge*$75$115
Clearing / Expansion Sample Prep (per sample)$100$150
Life Canvas Per Use Charge (excludes reagents)$50$75
Additional LM Labor Per Hour Charge*$75$115

*Training is charged at the instrument rate plus the labor rate.  Training time is estimated at 2 hours for widefield and EM operation, and 3 hours for confocal and advanced light microscopy techniques. These training times are only estimates; more or less time may be required.  For the Zeiss LLS7, standard training is not typically offered.  A labor charge equivalent to 0.5-1 hours will be added to each experiment for assistance with set up.  After several experiments, the user may be permitted to set up their own experiment, at which time the labor charge will be waived.  Any service not specified in the rate table, including data analysis services, will be charged at the labor rate.

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