Electron Microscopy

The Microscopy Core owns a 120 keV LaB6 transmission electron microscope (TEM) and a 30 keV LaB6 scanning electron microscope (SEM) that are suitable for a majority of biological EM imaging applications. Microscopy Core EM staff provide training in operating TEM and SEM with users’ samples. As well, EM staff provide training and services in preparing EM samples for conventional and advanced EM imaging. Please ask us to help you determine which sample preparations and electron microscopes will be best for your EM project.



JEOL JEM 1400 plus TEM

Moderate-resolution (1 nm) field emission transmission electron microscope with 40-120 kV range and 2k CMOS camera.

Full-service TEM sample preparation is available.

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Zeiss EVO 15 LaB6 SEM

High resolution (2 nm at 30 keV, 6 nm at 3 keV and 9 nm at 1 keV) LaB6 SEM operating at 0.2 – 30 KeV accelerating voltages and 0.5 pA – 5 uA probe current. Includes an Everhart-Thornley secondary electron detector (SE), HD backscattered detector (HDBSD), a cascade current detector (C2D), and a scanning transmission electron microscopy detector (STEM). A motorized stage for XYZ translation, 360-degree rotation, and – 10 to + 90-degree tilt. Used for routine, pre-screening ahead of 3D FIB-SEM imaging, and SEM array tomography applications.

Full-service SEM sample preparation is available.

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JEOL 3100R05 TEM

High resolution (>0.1 nm) TEM operated at 200 or 300 keV. Single or double tilt JEOL stage. Gatan Ultrascan 1000 CCD TV camera. This system is used for tilt tomography on 200-300 nm semi-thin resin sections.  The Microscopy Core’s JEOL 1400plus is sufficient for most biological TEM applications.

Full-service TEM sample preparation is available.

TESCAN MIRA3 Field Emission SEM

High resolution (>2 nm) field emission SEM operating at 0-30 keV accelerating voltages. Includes Everhart-Thornley secondary electron detector and a back-scattered electron detector. Motorized stage for xyz translation, rotation, and +/- 90-degree tilt. Used for non-routine, high-resolution SEM applications.  The Microscopy Core’s benchtop SEM is sufficient for most biological SEM applications.

Full-service SEM sample preparation is available.

ThermoFisher Helios 650 Nanolab Focused Ion Beam SEM

High resolution (>2 nm) field emission SEM operating at 0-30 keV accelerating voltages with Everhart-Thornley or Through-the-lens SE Detectors. Concentric backscatter detector. Gallium ion beam has 0.1-65 nA current with down to 4 nm milling resolution.  Used for 3D FIB-SEM imaging of Durcupan resin blocks.

Full-service FIB-SEM sample preparation is available.

Zeiss Xradia Versa 520 X-ray Microscope

High resolution (>1 um) microCT with phase contrast optics and variable magnification with 30-160 keV beam. Useful for mineralized tissues or 3D overview imaging of EM resin blocks.

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