Microscopy New User Instructions

To become a new user and gain access to our labs, please complete the following steps.

New Users, Please Complete These Steps:

  1. Please review our Facility Use Policy, Authorship Policy and Data Management Policy.
  2. Enroll in MiCores so that you can use the online calendar system:
    1. Your PI or Lab Manager must provide you access to one or more shortcodes.
    2. Log in to MiCores using your uniqname and Level-1 password.
    3. Add your affiliation with a PI or Lab Manager.
    4. For questions on these steps, please contact the HITS Help Desk, or visit the MiCores Learning Site.

3a.  For Light Microscopy, please complete the New Project Request Form and we will be in touch shortly.

3b.  For Electron Microscopy, please create a project within MiCores (Under the “Request Services” tab), and fill out the form inside the service ID.

To get after-hours building access: Complete this form, attach your online learning certificates for Bloodborne Pathogens (EHS_BLS101W or BLS100W) and General Laboratory Safety (BLS025W) and email all three forms to brcf-coreaccess@umich.edu.

Thank you for choosing the Microscopy Core for your imaging and image analysis needs!

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