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We are a full-service Core and provide proteomics support from scientific consultation/experimental design and sample preparation all the way to data analysis and interpretation.  We accept a wide range of sample formats, including complex biological and clinical research samples in unprocessed form (e.g., broad variety of tissues, cells, cell supernatants and conditioned media,  blood serum,  urine) as well as routine samples (e.g., SDS-PAGE gel bands, eluates from affinity chromatography or IP, beads). Pathway Analysis is also available.

We also provide N-terminal (Edman) sequencing services and Amino Acid Analysis of proteins and peptides.

Sample submission: By appointment only, in lab C568 or C570C MSRB II (C floor). Please email Dr. Remmer at hremmer@umich.edu for an appointment and sample preparation instructions.

Peptide Synthesis

Our custom peptide synthesis services range from routine peptides to specialized peptides such as long, hydrophobic, cyclic, or stapled peptides.

We provide quotations within one business day at very competitive prices. Please email hremmer@umich.edu with your peptide sequence, desired peptide yield, and purity.


Software Resources

For database searches, localization of post-translational modifications and quantitative analysis we use the following commercially available software packages:

  • Mascot and Mascot Distiller (Matrix Science LTD, UK)
  • Scaffold Q+S including X! Tandem  (Proteome Software Inc., Seattle, WA)
  • Scaffold PTM (Proteome Software Inc., Seattle, WA)
  • Scaffold DIA (Proteome Software Inc., Seattle, WA)

During data discussion and software training, Dr. Remmer makes sure the client obtains and understands every bit of information relevant to the project goal.



Our service commitment is based on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We use proven and validated methods and workflows and provide meaningful data and results with statistical validation. We provide quality solutions to fit your project scope and budget.



2-4 weeks, depending on project scope and samples for proteomics services, and 2-5 weeks for peptide synthesis, depending on the nature of the peptide(s) requested.



Please contact the Core director at hremmer@umich.edu, or via our consultation and peptide synthesis quotation forms.



Personalized project attention – every step of the way

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