Proteomics Services

The Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core provides research services in proteomics and custom peptide synthesis. We work with each client to determine the best approach and services needed to fulfill a specific project goal, budget and timeline.

Sample Preparation

We accept research samples and clinical samples at any stage and prepare them for qualitative and quantitative proteomics experiments. Examples are cells or cell lysates, tissues, blood vessels, blood plasma, biopsies, and more!

Protein Identification, Profiling and shotgun proteomics

  • From single gel bands to complex protein mixtures, proteins are identified based on unique internal peptides.

Post-Translational Modifications

  • Phosphorylation site mapping (including phospho-enrichment as needed)
  • Analysis of other modifications such as methyl, acetyl, ubiquitin, citrulline, lipids, glycosylation and more!

Protein Quantitation

  • Changes in protein expression in complex protein mixtures  (label free)
  • Relative and absolute quantitation (TMT, iTRAQ, selected-, multiple- and parallel reaction monitoring)
  • Metabolic labeling (SILAC)

Characterization of Intact Proteins

  • Accurate molecular weight determination
  • Protein complexes and interactions

Protein Cleavage Sites

  • N-terminal sequencing (Edman chemistry)

Quantitation of protein/peptide content

  • Amino Acid Analysis
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