Laboratory Protocols

DNA Purification for Microinjection

BAC DNA Purification for Microinjection

DNA Purification for Electroporation

Preparation of DNA from Tail Biopsies

PCR Analysis of Tail DNA

Transgene Copy Standards

Mouse Blastocyst PCR Assay

RNA Microinjection Buffer and Cas9 mRNA Reagents

In Vitro and In Vivo Assay for CRISPR/Cas9

Cel I Assay to Detect Non-Homologous Endjoining Repair

CRISPR/Cas9 ES Cell Electroporation

Mouse beta globin Primers for PCR

RAT prolactin Primers for PCR

Neo Primer for PCR

Hot Shot DNA PCR Assay

lacZ Primer for PCR

lacZ Tissue Staining

Timeline for Transgenic Mouse Production/Analysis

Timeline for Gene Targeted Mouse Production/Analysis

ES Cell Chromosome Counting