Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Services

The Vector Core now offers a wide-range of AAV serotypes and will offer several scales of viral production, including:

  •  Stock Scale: 50 ul of 1×10^13-1×10^14 vg/ml*
  •  Tester Scale: 50 ul of 1×10^13-1×10^14 vg/ml*
  •  Small Scale: 300 ul of 1×10^13-1×10^14 vg/ml*
  •  Large Scale: 1 ml of 1×10^13-1×10^14 vg/ml*

Note: *Final virus concentration varies depending on serotypes. The serotypes we offer are AAV1, 2, 5, 6, 6.2, 7, 8, 9, rh10, hu11, rh32.33, retro, PHP.B, PHP.eB, and PHP.S. Some preps may have lower concentrations of virus, while others preps may contain a significantly higher concentration of virus.

The Vector Core offers significant discounts on the products compared to purchasing from outside sources. Click here to view current pricing and other details.

What is AAV?
AAV (adeno-associated virus) is a viral vector system that is often used to effectively transduce cells in vivo.

Why Choose AAV?
Recombinant AAV has a broad host range with long-term expression in vivo, and low immunogenicity. AAV offers several distinct advantages to other viral vector systems in that:

  1. Tropism is determined by choice of capsid serotype.
  2. Long-term expression can be seen in terminally differentiated cells.
  3. A wide-range of cells can be infected, including effective infection into non-dividing cells.
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