Vector Core Trainings and Presentations

Products and Services Podcast

Dr. Lanigan discusses the products and services available in the Core. Download the podcast here (m4a file).

What’s New at the Core

If you’re interested in new reearch approaches, please review the online Visme presentation, “What’s Old is New Again: Subcloning in the Vector Core” by Tom Lanigan, Ph.D., Director, Vector Core.

Working Safely With Viral Vectors

A virus safety training course is available for users, which is sponsored by OSEH and the IBC and is presented by Tom Lanigan. Individuals planning to work with viral vectors are recommended to enroll in the course “Working Safely with Viral Vectors” (course #BLS008) which is offered every other month starting in January. The course is free to University of Michigan employees. Pre-registration required through MY LINC.

View the Prezi slides of “Working Safely with Viral Vectors” here.

Choosing the Right Virus

Before you schedule a consultation with the Vector Core, review the chart below for common factors and best usage of each of the viruses.


Made with Visme Infographic Maker

For more information, please visit the FAQ page or request a consultation by emailing Core Director Tom Lanigan, Ph.D.

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