We are excited to announce that Dr. Nils Walter, Francis S. Collins Collegiate Professor of Chemistry, Biophysics and Biological Chemistry, Founding Co-Director of the Center for RNA Biomedicine and Director of the Single Molecule Analysis in Real-Time (SMART) Center, will join the Microscopy Core at the University of Michigan Medical School as Faculty Director, effective April 1, 2020.

The leadership team of the Microscopy Core will now consist of Dr. Walter serving as Faculty Director and Dr. Aaron Taylor as Managing Director.

Dr. Walter brings a unique blend of expertise in research, leadership and scholarship to the position. Throughout his career, including 20 years at Michigan, he has been motivated by interest, expertise, and personal investment in advanced fluorescence and single molecule microscopy. Dr. Walter has also been fueled by a long-standing passion to build open-access user facilities and other shared infrastructures—bringing researchers together across disciplines and bridging divergent schools in a highly decentralized university environment.

During his time here at Michigan, Dr. Walter established a unique research program pioneering the combined use of single-molecule and bulk-solution experimental and computational techniques to monitor the folding and function of RNAs and their protein complexes. He is also a well-known as an innovative collaborator, partnering with researchers and faculty in many departments.

We’re delighted to have Nils join the Microscopy Core as he guides the vision and strategic direction of the core into its next chapter. Please join us in extending a warm welcome and congratulations to Nils.

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