The Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF) can help you discover technology, find experts and advance your research every step of the way. Consult with the Cores to collaborate with top experts and take advantage of the latest technology in research. We help establish the scope and budget of your project, coordinate applications for funding, offer comprehensive training for investigators and more:

Set up a consultation on your research project

    • Biomedical Research Store – purchase items for research
    • Bioinformatics – access custom solutions, workflows and analyze data
    • DNA Sequencing – sequence and analyze DNA
    • Epigenomics – prepare samples, receive analysis in epigenetic regulation
    • Flow Cytometry – cell sorting & flow cytometric analysis
    • Metabolomics – custom assays, measure concentrations of small molecules in biological samples
    • Microscopy – microscopy at every level
    • Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis – qualitative and quantitative protein mass spectrometry
    • Sample Preservation Freezer Facility – archive irreplaceable samples
    • Transgenic Animal Model – build custom mouse and rat models
    • Vector – lenti/retrovirus, adenovirus, shRNA, AAV, CRISPR

Many of our Cores offer their services to other research institutions and the private sector. Visit the Core’s specific website to learn more.

Consultation Store YourSamples & Data Analyze YourSamples & Data ReserveInstrumentation Prepare and SubmitYour Samples & Data Purchase ResearchMaterials Training howwehelp
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