In order to better focus on providing access to state-of-the-art microscopy imaging and analysis, the Microscopy Core (formerly Microscopy & Image Analysis Laboratory, MIL) is phasing out all light microscopy histology services, including cryosectioning, vibratome sectioning, and paraffin processing/embedding/sectioning. Importantly, the MIL will continue to provide fixation, processing, and sectioning preparation services for electron microscopy and will be working to improve these services over the coming months, including enhanced collaboration with our colleagues at the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization (MC)2 .

Previously trained self-service users may continue to access the MIL histology equipment until mid-September. However, effective immediately, training is no longer offered. Instead, arrangements are being made for current, trained self-service users to have access to shared histology instrumentation within the Biomedical Science Research Building (BSRB). Further, users previously trained on the MIL cryostat will be able to perform frozen sectioning through the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) In-vivo Animal Core (IVAC) at NCRC (Building 36). We will announce more information for continued access to self-service equipment in the coming weeks.

MIL is partnering with IVAC to offer fee-for-service histology. The MIL BSRB location will function as a drop-off/pick-up site for room temperature samples being submitted to IVAC. IVAC histology preparation is located at NCRC, but also has a drop-off location on the Medical Campus near Medical Science I (MSI) and Medical Science II (MSII) in ARF. Along with your samples, please bring a completed copy of IVAC’s submission form (Please note: IVAC does NOT use MiCores). If you have frozen samples or antibodies requiring refrigeration, we suggest you deliver these samples to the IVAC MSI/MSII location in ARF or the NCRC Bldg 36 location directly. Questions regarding IVAC’s full-service histology laboratory can be found at their website or by emailing Dr. Robert Sigler at Please see our list of FAQs here.