The Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core is excited introduce two new services now available:

Pathway Analysis: The results from protein profiling and expression profiling (e.g. label-free quantitation by spectral counting) can be directly analyzed to elucidate the impact of the detected biomarker candidates. This analysis specifically yields and includes:

  • Significantly impacted biochemical pathways

  • Gene ontology analysis

  • Predicted miRNAs

  • Associated diseases

  • Meta-analysis across multiple conditions to identify proteins, genes, pathways or diseases that are common or unique in your data.

Terminal protein sequencing by MALDI-TOF-TOF  on the state-of-the art Ultraflxtreme instrument (Bruker Daltonics). This service allows to sequence proteins simultaneously from the N and C termini elucidating the sequence of approx. 50 residues on each terminus. This service applies to purified proteins in solution.

The Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core is a full-service proteomics facility with services ranging from sample preparation (including clinical samples) to proteome quantitation (such as label-free, TMT, SILAC, and parallel-reaction monitoring, PRM).

Please contact Henriette Remmer, core director, to learn more or get started with these services.