The Advanced Genomics Core and Illumina host a sold-out event at U-M.

On Wednesday, February 5th, 177 U-M researchers came out in droves to learn from the technical experts of Illumina! Topics presented at the seminar included:

  • RNA-seq overview and related applications (ex. ATAC-seq)
  • Experimental Design for successful RNA-seq Projects
  • RNA quality assessment through data processing
  • RNA-seq Bioinformatics considerations and applications, including Data Analysis and interpretation in BaseSpace™ Sequence Hub

The adage “Garbage in, garbage out” was also mentioned multiple times during this event. Researchers walked away with a better understanding of the big picture including what happens on the sequencer with each flow and imaging cycle.

We would like to extend a thank you to our Illumina team: Scott Evans, Rebecca Enigk, Ryan Hegarty, Mike Imes and Ming Wu for sharing their technical expertise with the University of Michigan research community.

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