Heidi Baum, B.S.

Chemist Lead, Metabolomics Core

(734) 764-2541

5305 Brehm
1000 Wall Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-5714


Ms. Baum serves as sample preparation personnel for the Core’s subset divisions (targeted, untargeted studies). She organizes sample storage and disposal, and operates, maintains and repairs LC/GC-Mass spectrometers. The sole biologist on staff, Ms. Baum uses her industry and CRO background in small molecule assessment for discovery and definitive level studies. She has experience in multiple areas of pharmacology and TK/ PK (DMPK) type studies which include but not limited to in vivo, ex vivo, in vitro for permeation (epidermis delivery and treatments), DDI’s, CYP-450, uptake, distribution, absorption, radioactive etc. In addition to her other duties, Ms. Baum assists the Application Programmer to continue the improvements and further applications of the in house laboratory information management System (MET-LIMs) as sample preparation records, experiment observations and mass spectrometer interface.

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