Kari Bonds, B.S.

Research Coordinator/Chemical Compound Management Coordinator, Metabolomics Core

(734) 764-1209

5305 Brehm
1000 Wall Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Ms. Bonds serves as a Laboratory Coordinator and manager and as the liaison for the Core in regards to sample submission and data delivery. Ms. Bonds is responsible for overall maintenance of the laboratory, including ordering supplies for the entire Metabolomics Core. She assists the Application Programmer with the expansion of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) as sample submissions increase.

In her important role with the Metabolomics Core, Ms. Bonds has direct interaction with clientele who are submitting their service requests through the MiCores system, ensuring that all paperwork is in place for external clients using the Core services and sending quotes for the cost of requested services. As a liaison between clientele and laboratory personnel, Ms. Bonds: (1) responds to status requests; (2) initiates billing of the service through the MiCores system; and (3) maintains the chemical and biological inventories, using automated systems to track and process research samples.

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