Thekkelnaycke Rajendiran, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Scientist, Metabolomics Core

(734) 647-9245


Dr. Rajendiran is an Assistant Research Scientist and his area of expertise was in the identification of endogenous metabolites and elucidation of the fundamental metabolic steps and mechanistic pathways employed by enzymes in the oxidative processes of metabolism. Dr. Rajendiran is heading the untargeted lipidomic profiling platform in the Metabolomics Core and he developed a novel LC-MS based shotgun lipidomics methodology to perform a comprehensive lipidomic profiling of complex biological samples such as plasma, tissue or other biofluids using ABSCIX 5600 Triple TOF mass spectrometer.

Dr. Rajendiran has extensive experience in bio-analytical chemistry of validating various endogenous, as well as exogenous metabolite validations in tissues, cell lines and bio-fluids. The major focus of his research has centered on the development of isotope dilution GC/MS and triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (TSQ) approaches to identify and quantify the metabolites. Dr. Rajendiran has had active involvement in high impact projects in the area of metabolomic profiling of metabolic syndrome/cancer that include but not limited to novel approaches for classifying and diagnosing the disease. Many of these projects involved the application of GC/LC-MS, which led Dr. Rajendiran to play a major role in the establishment of the mass spectrometry based target multiple metabolite validation assays.

Dr. Rajendiran has over 45 peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals such as Nature, Journal of American Chemical Society, Chemical Communications and Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. Recent contributions include but are not limited to: key contributor of our recently published article in Nature (Metabolomic profiles delineate potential role for sarcosine in prostate cancer progression Nature 2009,457,910), Dr. Rajendiran is a Principle Investigator (PI) on “Metabolomic Profiling of Cancer Progression” funded by Metabolon company, North Carolina, and NIH R21 grant on “Carbon-11 Labeled Sarcosine: Mechanism of Action and Initial Performance in Prostate Cancer” and NIH R56 proposal on “Biomarkers of Aggressive Oral Cancer” and a key Co-investigator in NIH-funded grants on “Integrative Metabolomics of Prostate Cancer Progression” and Co-investigator in A Systems Biology Approach to the Development of Cancer Biomarkers(EDRN) and DOD grant on “Parametric PET/MR Fusion Imaging to Differentiate Aggressive from Indolent Primary Prostate Cancer with Application for Image-Guided Prostate Cancer Biopsies.”

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