The BRCF Advanced Genomics Core is currently facing multiple supply shortages. We are encountering lengthy backorders and long lead times for sole-sourced items. Additionally, many consumables and quality control reagents are now on allocation.

This combination is limiting our ability to fulfill service requests using our standard reagents. While we have been able to identify alternative kits for some preps, others have no known alternative. Below are the item(s) proving problematic to stock, the service(s) affected, and the identified solution:

Item Service Temporary Solution
IDT xGen Broad-range RNA Bulk RNA Sequencing Alternative NEBNext Ultra II RNA
Takara SMART-Seq v4 PLUS Low Input Bulk RNA Sequencing Alternative NEBNext Single Cell/Low Input RNA
Formamide Spatial Transcriptomics & Genotyping Currently backordered from multiple vendors. AGC supply limited.
10x Genomics Single Cell Kits Single Cell Sequencing 3-4 weeks lead time, please contact if planning large projects
Broad Range Qubit Quality Control, Library Prep Dilute inputs and use the high-sensitivity assay

The AGC currently has orders in place for all backordered items and is monitoring the situation closely. Please visit the AGC website frequently for updates regarding supply shortages and our proposed alternatives.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may cause and appreciate your patience as we manage through them. Please contact with any questions.

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