Quick Facts

      • COVID-19 accelerates Sanger outsourcing. U-M Advanced Genomics Core shuts down on-site Sanger Sequencing Friday, March 13.
      • Eurofins is committed as one external vendor
      • An additional external vendor negotiation is in progress
      • A temporary billing solution will support users until final “punchouts” are in place

Dear University of Michigan Research Community,

As announced in December, the University of Michigan Advanced Genomics Core (AGC, formerly the DNA Sequencing Core) will discontinue all Sanger sequencing services. You will be better served by externals vendors for commodity Sanger needs, and the change will allow us to focus on maximizing the added value of high throughput sequencing and related genomic techniques.

We are very pleased to announce details of the transition process. The University has contracted with Eurofins to provide Sanger services as a preferred external vendor (negotiations with an additional vendor are in progress). Eurofins is a large European company with a substantial US presence who are already used by Michigan researchers for Sanger sequencing. We think you will be pleased by their low price, fast turnaround and real-time ordering of sequencing primers to pair with your template.

For logistical reasons, the AGC will initially work behind the scenes to enable convenient billing to all customers by pass-through charges to your shortcodes, while you order from a Eurofins U-M portal. This mechanism will likely persist after April 17, but by mid-2020 our involvement will end and you will order directly from vendors via Marketsite “punchouts”, similar to how you currently order oligonucleotides. We anticipate these situations will also apply to a second vendor in the near future. Once again, thank you very much for your patience and understanding during this transition. Our goal is to maximize your experience for both Sanger sequencing and the many and expanding genomic services that the AGC will continue to emphasize.

Warm Regards,

Thomas E. Wilson, M.D. Ph.D.
Professor, Departments of Pathology and Human Genetics
Faculty Director, Advanced Genomics Core
University of Michigan Medical School



Steps for Ordering Sanger Sequencing from Eurofins
  • To create an account, go to https://b2b.eurofinsgenomics.com/custom/umich
  • Barcodes are used to track samples and primers. Eurofins Genomics provides barcode labels for free. These barcodes can be applied to sample tubes and/or primer tubes. Initial barcodes packets can be picked up from AGC drop-off locations: MSRB II, LSI, and NCRC. Additional barcodes must be ordered from the Eurofins supplies page.
    • Customers can submit samples without barcode stickers however turnaround time can be slower and there is a higher risk for sample mix-ups.
  • Before you drop off your samples, submit your order online using the University of Michigan Custom Portal.
    • After logging in, click on “DNA Sequencing” at the bottom of the page to choose the product and/or service you wish to order.
      • Primers/Templated can be submitted premixed or separately. Eurofins stocks a wide variety of universal primers.
      • You must follow Eurofins concentration and volume submission guidelines.
      • A shortcode must be provided during check-out.
    • Print out order confirmation and enclose with samples in zip-top bag.
    • Drop off samples in a Eurofins Dropbox:
      • NCRC Building 14, Room 122
      • MSRB II C562
      • LSI 2297
  • Sample submission cut-off is 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.