The University of Michigan’s Advanced Genomics Core (AGC) has recently become a Certified Service Provider (CSP) of the 10x Genomics spatial transcriptomics platform known as Visium. This unique opportunity has been extended only to a few select institutions in the United States, with U-M being the only CSP in the Midwest.

The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution analyzes complete transcriptomes in intact tissue sections, allowing you to discover genes and markers relevant to your research without having to rely on known targets. Preserving spatial resolution offers critical information for understanding the relationships between cellular function, phenotype, and location in the tissue. We believe the ability to project genetic data into tissue will revolutionize all areas of biological research that rely on an understanding of tissue function.

The new CSP agreement offers many practical and scientific benefits to both our facility and the UM research community. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced support from 10x Genomics
  • Integration optimization with other Core service lines
  • New partnerships with U-M partner facilities, including the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) and the Pathology Tissue Core
  • Rapid establishment of core staff expertise
  • Increased opportunities for extramural research collaborations

To learn more about Visium, the 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider Program, and the Advanced Genomics Core, please visit the Advanced Genomics Core website.

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