The MSRBII, BSRB, LSI, and NCRC locations of the Biomedical Research Store are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We have updated our customer ordering procedures to reflect these guidelines. All orders except those for ethanol should be placed via our revised order form, including special orders and delivery orders (NCRC only).  For ethanol orders, please continue to use the required ethanol purchase form. If you have questions, please contact our customer service team at

The Biomedical Research Store

provides University of Michigan research investigators with easy, on-site procurement of enzymes, reagents, and kits used in molecular, cell biology, and some protein chemistry. The four Biomedical Research Store locations stock more than 700 items from 13 vendors. Our large-volume vendor contracts enable the Store to negotiate very low prices as well as eliminate all shipping and packaging fees.

Please browse our Complete Product List to view product pricing and availability.

Our Process

Browse Products

Browse our complete products list and filter by your desired location to find out what is carried on hand at the Biomedical Research Store nearest you, or search for an individual product using the catalog number, description, or vendor. All you need to purchase from the Store is a MiCores account, an associated lab and Shortcode authorizations.

Special Orders

Not finding what you need among our in-stock products? Check our complete product list for all items available for order. Currently, you can place your special orders by email while still taking advantage of  our discounted price and zero shipping fees!

Pick-Up Procedures

All orders at the Biomedical Research Store will be via pick up for the foreseeable future, including special orders (delivery is still available at NCRC only). Placing a pick-up order is similar to our process for placing special orders (ethanol orders should continue using the required customer ethanol order form).

Visit our Pickup Procedures page to learn more.


Biomedical Research Store transitioned to MiCores, an online system from Agilent Technologies designed to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core purchases. The Store will be using the system for billing purposes only.

To get started, detailed instructions are available on the MiCores Learning Site.

PPE and Related Products

The Biomedical Research Stores are proud to offer a variety of personal protection products to labs and users with shortcode access.  Exactly which products are available at each site may vary, but we will do our best to offer substitutions, or otherwise help you get what you need.  Below is a list of products available through the stores:


Due to current demand and supply shortages, all glove sales are limited to 4 boxes per lab, 2 times per week.  We have increased this limit from 2 boxes to better serve you.

  • Medline Nitrile Exam Gloves
    • SensiCare Extra Small, box of 250 – catalog number MDS2500H – $27.88
    • SensiCare Small, box of 250 – catalog number MDS2501MH – $25.56
    • SensiCare Medium, box of 250 – catalog number MDS2502MH – $25.56
    • SensiCare Large, box of 250 – catalog number MDS2503MH – $25.56
    • Sensicare Extra Large, box of 250 – catalog number MDS2504MH – $18.08
  • Fisher Nitrile Gloves
    • Disposable Nitrile Powder Free Gloves size S, box of 100 – catalog number SNM50005 – $23.43
    • TrueForm Size M, box of 100 – catalog number N301343 – $9.64
    • TrueForm Size L, box of 100 – catalog number N301344 – $9.64
    • TrueForm Size XL, box of 100 – catalog number N301345 – $9.64

Other PPP and related products

  • Disposable Faceshields, 10 count package – catalog number 12888202S – $36.19
  • Disposable Faceshields, 200 count package – catalog number 12888202 – $723.79
  • Facemasks with earloops, 50 count package – catalog number 12888001 – $35.30
  • CiDehol ST 70% IPA spray bottle, 16 oz – catalog number 0435558 – $10.45
  • CiDehol ST 70% IPA gallon bottle – catalog number 0435571 – $44.14
  • Analytical Funnel – catalog number 1050017 – $3.67
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